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New Agent Orientation

Learn from Gina Hawks herself on how to navigate the website in order to find all the tools that are available to you.  Click here to begin the video.

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For more training opportunities, visit NAAU is run by Coach and National Agent’s Alliance’s product specialist, Gina Hawks. On the NAAU website, you’ll find many courses to help you better understand the agent levels, NAA’s lead system, our products, and how to sell.

If you’re interested in becoming Lead Certified, visit  or call 336-227-3319 to find out when they are offering the next Introductory or Advanced Lead Class. You can also sign up for their bimonthly webinar in which you will learn how to navigate the OASYS lead website.

Don’t forget to visit to find out when and where your local hotspot meeting will take place, as well as who will be speaking at the meeting. If you’re signed up for NAA’s email blasts, you’ll receive information each week about hotspot meetings and other important training information.